TB Test Cost Savings

Think TB blood testing costs too much?

Think again!

The T-SPOT®.TB  test can save you money. Over 1000 institutions have already seen how.

How much is your current TB skin test program really costing your institution? It’s a difficult question to answer.

Total costs for the tuberculin skin test (TST) are often believed to be lower than the actual TB test cost. In the 1990s, a published study by Lambert et al. found that the total costs of a tuberculin skin test per healthcare worker tested ranged from $41 – $362.¹ When inflation is factored, that cost rises to $57 – $78 in 2011.

A landmark time-motion study published in 2012, known as the SWITCH Study, analyzed the actual cost of a TB surveillance program using both the TST and the T-SPOT.TB test. The SWITCH Study, conducted at Johns Hopkins Health Systems, exhaustively exposes the “false economics” of the skin test, demonstrating that the cost of a TST program ranges from $53 to $72 per healthcare worker when taking into account all the components of a TST screening program.2

Our Cost Comparison Calculator can help you discover the true cost of your current TB screening program, and we’ll show you what 1000 institutions have already seen; how cost-effective EASY TB blood testing can be using the T-SPOT.TB test:




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2Wrighton-Smith P et al., Screening Healthcare Workers with Interferon-γ Release Assay Versus Tuberculin Skin Test: Impact on Costs and Adherence to Testing (the SWITCH Study).  Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2012: 806-815.
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