Tuberculosis Facts & Information

TB is one of the greatest causes of death among women between the ages of 15-44. (WHO 2010/2011 Tuberculosis Global Facts)

The percentage of TB cases accounted for by foreign-born persons increased from 26% in 1990 to 60% in 2010. (

One third of the world’s population are infected with TB. (

According to CDC Guidelines, IGRAs (e.g. T-SPOT.TB ) may be used in place of a TST in most situations and are preferred for BCG vaccinated individuals and for those persons who are unlikely to return for the reading of the test results. (CDC MMWR 2010; 59(No.RR-5): 1-25)

TB is a leading killer among people living with HIV, who have weakened immune systems. (

There were 9.4 million new TB cases in 2009, of which 80% were in just 22 countries. Per capita, the global TB incidence rate is falling, but the rate of decline is very slow – less than 1%. (

Tuberculosis is believed to have been present in humans for thousands of years. Skeletal remains show that prehistoric humans (4000 BC) had tuberculosis, and tubercular decay has been found in the spines of Egyptian mummies (3000-2400 BC). (

The T-SPOT.TB test has a sample stability of up to 32 hours. (T-SPOT.TB Package Insert)

Robert Koch became known as “The Father of Bacteriology.” He was presented with the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1905 “for his investigations and discoveries in relation to tuberculosis.” (

In a single minute, three people die from TB. In a single day, TB causes the equivalent in lives lost of 15 jetliner crashes. (

Once you have a positive skin test you will always have a positive skin test. (

The T-SPOT.TB test is the only TB test with a sensitivity and specificity exceeding 95% in pivotal clinical trials. (T-SPOT.TB Package Insert)

TB is a leading killer of people who are HIV infected. (

Each year, there are almost 2 million TB-related deaths worldwide. (


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