Healthcare Worker TB Screening

The T-SPOT®.TB test can help get your new employees on board faster

Imagine if you could reduce your current onboarding time by as much as 7 days? Think what that could mean in terms of scheduling, budgeting and your HR function as a whole.

Your challenges with TB screening

On-boarding new hires is challenging enough without the lengthy delays in gaining clearance to work. Every day spent waiting can tax existing employees and generate increased cost for temporary coverage.

But what if there was a way to expedite the process? To get your new hires cleared in less than half the time it currently takes?

What if you could reduce the time required for TB screening?

In a study that appeared in the journal Workplace Health & Safety in October 2014, the average time to clear new employees to work at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center decreased from 13.18 days to 5.91 days.1 The results reflect the Center’s trial of a single draw, single-visit blood based TB test in lieu of the conventional TB skin test, which must be conducted twice and requires a total of four visits to employee health.

How the T-SPOT.TB test can help

CDC guidelines recommend testing all newly hired employees for TB, as well as annually, depending on risk level2.  The T-SPOT.TB test is a single-draw, single-visit TB test that offers fast, reliable results and has a sensitivity and specificity greater than 95%.3  In addition to reducing the on-boarding time for new employees, the T-SPOT.TB test can also reduce the number of days required by employee health to complete annual TB testing.




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