Automating the T-SPOT.TB test

In TB testing, why trade accuracy for efficiency when you don’t have to?

The T-SPOT.TB test involves multiple steps which help to ensure accuracy when reporting latent tuberculosis (TB) results; but it no longer has to be a fully manual procedure. By choosing to automate just one, a number, or all of the processes within the workflow, your lab can select the most cost-effective solution for your specific needs and offer this clinically superior IGRA.1,2

What makes each workflow step important?

Cell IsolationEnriches the desired population of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) from whole blood collected using routine phlebotomy
Cell CountingFacilitates correction for variation in PBMC counts and ensures the required number of cells are used to produce a reportable result
Liquid HandlingEssential for the transfer of samples and reagent solutions throughout the workflow for accurate test results
Plate DevelopmentInterferon gamma antibodies capture a cell specific response to TB-specific antigens
Spot CountingSingle cell resolution for the detection of interferon gamma release

The isolation of PBMCs from whole blood is critical

What is T-Cell Select?

The cell isolation step of the T-SPOT.TB workflow is now automated using the T-Cell Select reagent kit eliminating manual errors and reducing technician time. This PBMC isolation reagent uses positive selection of targeted immune cells with magnetic bead-based cell separation to simplify the preparation of cells for the T-SPOT.TB test.

The T-SPOT.TB test with the T-Cell Select reagent kit provides you with:

  • Superior clinical performance 1,2
  • Reduced hands-on time
  • Extended blood sample stability
  • Improved blood sample logistics
  • Maximized operational efficiency
  • Increased sample throughput potential

FDA Approved Cell Isolation Platforms

Auto-Pure 20BAuto-Pure 24KingFisher Flex
ThroughputFlexibleMedium-High Medium-High
Samples per runUp to 20Up to 24Up to 24
Consumables5 mL sample tube strips + tip combs24 well, deep well plates + tip combs24 well, deep well plates + tip combs
Run time< 45 minutes< 45 minutes< 45 minutes
(W x D x H)
400 x 520 x 450 mm560 x 620 x 500 mm680 x 600 x 380 mm
Bench weight30 kg (66 lbs)54 kg (119 lbs)28 kg (62 lbs)
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Don’t rely on processes outside your lab.
Take control with improved blood sample stability and logistics.

Samples stored at room temperature for 54 hours

Enables easy centralization of sample processing and further simplifies sample logistics.

  • Flexibility for sample batching
  • Simplify sample delivery​
  • Extend sample delivery
  • Expand the reach of your laboratory

Simple sample logistics using routine phlebotomy

Ensure all up-front processing of the specimen after blood draw is done in a laboratory setting where controlled conditions are leveraged to mitigate the impact of confounding variables.

Sources of IGRA variability3,4T-SPOT.TBOther IGRAs
Specialized tubesNoYes
On-site refrigeration NoYes
On-site incubationNoYes
Shaking of blood tubesNoYes
Blood volume variabilityNoYes

The only commercially available IGRA appropriate to be submitted under CPT® code 86481

CPT Code86481
Applicable testThe T-SPOT.TB test
DescriptionTuberculosis test, cell mediated immunity antigen response measurement; enumeration of gamma interferon-producing T-cells in cell suspension

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