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TB Testing

We invite you to learn why the T-SPOT®.TB test can be an essential and profitable part of your laboratory’s offering.

Tuberculosis (TB) is on the rise in the United States, and more than 4 million people with TB are missed by national notification systems.1 Missed or delayed TB diagnosis results in delayed treatment and an increased period of infectivity, which leads to increased transmission, medical costs and mortality.2

The T-SPOT.TB test—along with our new T-Cell Select™ reagent kit for laboratories—is poised to make a real difference in the fight to eradicate tuberculosis:

Superior clinical performance3,4
The only TB test with sensitivity and specificity exceeding 95%

Effective across all patient populations4,5,6
Including the immunocompromised and children

Simple logistics using routine phlebotomy
Mitigate the impact of variables outside of a laboratory’s control

54 hour blood sample stability4,7
Enables flexibility for sample batching and an expanded geographic reach

Customizable and scalable automation
Increase sample throughput without increasing the burden on technicians

Unique CPT code4,8,9
The only IGRA appropriate to be submitted under CPT code 86481

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Leverage FDA approved automation solutions to offer the most sensitive IGRA for TB without relying on processes outside of your lab