Automating the T-SPOT.TB test

Improve your workflow efficiency, reduce your hands-on time and simplify your SOPs with modular automation solutions to fit your needs.

Liquid handling steps of the plate development process can be automated
Each result should be individually validated before reporting

Our automation solutions are customisable and scalable – meaning that they can adapt to your changing
requirements. By choosing to automate just one, a number, or all of the processes within the
T-SPOT.TB test workflow, you can select the most cost-effective solution for your specific needs.

Reduce your hands-on time by up to 60%

Standard ELISA protocol – Dynex DS2® run with 22 samples. Fully automated T-SPOT.TB process run with 24 samples
Hands-on time includes any period interacting with process plus any walk away time less than 15 minutes

Cell isolation with the T-Cell Select reagent kit

Maximise the efficiency of your laboratory’s workflow with the CE-marked T-Cell Select
reagent kit – automated sample preparation for the magnetic isolation of immune cells.

The T-Cell Select reagent kit is used to automate the isolation of immune cells from peripheral blood samples using positive immunomagnetic selection.

This means that magnetic beads bind to the target cells using highly specific antibodies. The target cells are transferred to a separate tube using a magnet, this gives the highest cell yield. They are then washed to ensure high purity of target cells.

Sample storage for over 2 days after collection

With the T-Cell Select reagent kit, samples for the T-SPOT.TB test can now be processed up to 54 hours after collection. That’s over 2 full days from venepuncture until the sample needs to be processed in the laboratory, meaning that:

  • Samples can be shipped from a greater distance, expanding the laboratory’s reach
  • Late arriving samples can be stored for processing the following day
  • Batching samples is now possible for more efficient lab planning
  • Clinicians can plan TB clinics around their needs rather than the needs of the test

What our customers say:

Low throughput automation solutions for cell isolation

Auto-Pure 20B

  • Up to 20 samples
  • Cartridge type consumables, including:
    • Tube strips
    • Tip combs
  • The only moving part is the processing head with tip comb and magnetic rods

Auto-Pure 24

  • Up to 24 samples per run
  • Microtiter plate format – deep well plates
  • The deep well plates are placed in a carousel which delivers the correct plate to the processing head at the correct stage of the process

Automate the T-SPOT.TB test


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