The TB test for physicians

tb test for physicians

Between the people and TB, there’s you

Whether you are a primary care physician, rheumatologist or other specialist, physicians face the challenge of finding a tuberculosis (TB) test that is reliable with all patients, even those with weakened immune systems – the immunocompromised. In fact, many adults have been told that they are immunocompromised,1 which can result in an inaccurate TB result.2 That is why you need a TB test that is accurate across patient populations.

A moment of truth

As a physician, your goal is to offer your patients a reliable TB test with results you can trust. A positive test result may mean the start of treatment that may protect both the patient and the wider community from a deadly risk. A negative test result may spare the patient exposure to powerful antibiotics. You need an answer you can trust. An accurate TB test along with your clinical evaluation of the patient will give you that answer. By finding and treating TB, you are doing your part to help eradicate TB.

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The T-SPOT.TB test advantage

  1. Reliable in the immunocompromised

    The T-SPOT.TB test mitigates the risk that low cell count will impact patient results.3 This is especially critical in immunocompromised patients, including those receiving immunosuppressive therapy or those with conditions such as:4

    • HIV/AIDS
    • Diabetes
    • Chronic renal failure
    • Cancer

    In these patients, disease state or drug treatment may lead to low cell count or low cell function. With the T-SPOT.TB test, every patient gets a test with the same high sensitivity of 95.6%.5

  2. Consistent results6,7

    98.9% concordance and invalid rate < 1%

  3. No on-site incubation or refrigeration5

    Standard phlebotomy, no on-site pre-analytical steps

Interferon-gamma release assay

The T-SPOT.TB test is a T cell based interferon-gamma release assay (IGRA), designed to enable accurate results across patient populations, even in patients with a weakened immune status. The T-SPOT.TB test separates T cells from whole blood and standardizes the number of these cells in each patient test well. The T-SPOT.TB test also washes the cells to remove potentially interfering substances that can affect test results.5 The inclusion of these steps in the T-SPOT.TB test design mitigates the risk of false or invalid test results.

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