Where to Get It

The T-SPOT.®TB  test is available through Oxford Diagnostic Laboratories®, the only national TB blood testing service dedicated exclusively to the T-SPOT.TB  test. Through the EZTB 1-2-3 Process™, Oxford Diagnostic Laboratories makes TB testing easy!

Direct To You

From the innovators of T-SPOT® Technology and Oxford Diagnostic Laboratories®:

•  A division of Oxford Immunotec, Inc.
•  Located in Memphis, TN
•  CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited
•  Daily testing; no batching of tests


The simple, accurate and reliable TB test

        1. Collect the blood specimen

        2. Ship to Oxford Diagnostic Laboratories

        3. Results returned to you in 36 hours


Call today and you can be testing tomorrow!

 1-877-59-TBLAB or visit




From receipt of specimen.
T-SPOT and Oxford Diagnostic Laboratories are registered trademarks of Oxford Immunotec Ltd.
EZTB 1-2-3 is a trademark of Oxford Immunotec Ltd.