TB eradication

Between the people and TB, there’s us

As a leading diagnostic company, Oxford Immunotec’s mission is to raise TB awareness in the hopes of eradicating this terrible disease by providing an accurate diagnostic test. We partner with survivors to share their personal stories and work hard to be a leader in the fight against TB.

TB numbers from the WHO 

There are many facts about tuberculosis (TB) that would startle most people. TB is often thought of as a problem of the past, or a problem faced in other countries. In fact, TB continues to affect those worldwide. Consider the following…


Lives saved

It is estimated that 60 million lives were saved through TB diagnosis and treatment between 2000 and 20191


People became sick with TB

In 2019, 10 million people became sick with TB1


People died from active TB disease

In 2019, approximately 1.4 million people died from the disease worldwide1


People living with LTBI

About 25% of the world’s population has LTBI1

People will be killed by TB between 2015-2030

28,000,000 people will die of TB in a 15 year period unless global control efforts are stepped up1


End TB Strategy by 2035

The World Health Organization END TB Strategy aims to end the global epidemic of TB by 20356

Progress towards 2020 End TB milestones is falling short (WHO annual report)1

The WHO’s annual report on the status of global efforts to End TB notes that, at the present trajectory, most WHO regions and individual countries will fall significantly short of the End TB 2020 milestones:

2015-20182020 milestone2030 target
Reduction in TB incidence rate6.3% 20% 80%
Reduction in TB deaths11% 35% 90%
  • Areas on track to meet the 2020 milestones for both incidence rates and deaths include the WHO European Region, as well as Kenya, Lesotho, Myanmar, the Russian Federation, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe
  • A new, more effective vaccine could help reduce TB rates; however, the most promising vaccine (M72/AS01E) is not expected to be available until 2028 at the earliest, which is very close to the End TB target year of 2030

The global fight to end TB

In 2014 the World Health Organization outlined the END TB Strategy, which details ambitious targets with the goal of ending the global epidemic of TB by 2035. It also sets interim milestones for 2020, 2025 and 2030, so that progress towards these targets can be easily tracked.

The End TB strategy:6

  • Vision:
    A world free of TB. Zero deaths, disease and suffering due to TB
  • Goal:
    End the global tuberculosis epidemic
  • Indicators:
    • 95% reduction by 2035 in number of TB deaths compared with 2015
    • 90% reduction by 2035 in TB incidence rate compared with 2015
    • Zero TB-affected families facing catastrophic costs due to TB by 2035