Advantages of our test

The T-SPOT.TB test is the only globally regulated IGRA available that is normalised for both cell number and culture conditions. The test standardises the number of cells and removes serum factors that could adversely affect the test result, making it the most sensitive and most specific test for TB infection.2,3 You can quickly and reliably diagnose and treat TB infection in all patient groups, including the immunosuppressed. 4

 The T-SPOT.TB test advantages 

  1. Accurate across patient populations4

  2. Only TB test with sensitivity and specificity > 98%2

    • Sensitivity: 98.8%
    • Specificity: >99.1%
  3. High test accuracy around result cut-off due to regulatory approved borderline zone – helping to prevent inappropriate therapy2,5

Automation for the T-SPOT.TB test2,3

It is now possible to automate the T-SPOT.TB test using the CE-marked T-Cell Select™ reagent kit, giving more streamlined workflows, simplified sample logistics and freeing up technicians’ time.

Enhanced sample stability with the T-SPOT.TB test!

The T-Cell Xtend reagent is an antibody complex that is added to blood samples in the laboratory immediately before running the T-SPOT.TB test , it allows blood samples to be processed up to 32 hours after venepuncture without affecting the accuracy of the test.8

It is now possible to automate the T-SPOT.TB test using the CE-marked T-Cell Select reagent kit. With the T-Cell Select reagent kit, samples for the
T-SPOT.TB test can be processed up to 54 hours after collection. That’s over 2 full days from venepuncture until the sample needs to be processed in the laboratory. 

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