1 small tube. 1 million ways to find the truth.2

When your test looks for signs of TB infection using T cells, it matters how many T cells you include. The T-SPOT.TB test, unlike other tests, uses the same number each time. And it’s a big number: 250,000 cells per well, four wells per test.2 That’s a million witnesses to infection – and a moment of truth for TB.

Blood vile T-SPOT.TB

 The T-SPOT.TB test advantages 

  1. Accurate across patient populations4

  2. Only TB test with sensitivity and specificity > 98%2

    • Sensitivity: 98.8%
    • Specificity: >99.1%
  3. High test accuracy around result cut-off due to regulatory approved borderline zone – helping to prevent inappropriate therapy2,5

Addressing the need for accurate TB screening

Did you know that tuberculosis (TB) disease is one of the top 10 causes of death and the number one infectious disease killer worldwide?1   Globally, there were an estimated 1.4 million TB deaths and 10 million people fell ill with TB in 2019.1

Obtaining an accurate TB test result is crucial, but it can present a challenge. There are millions of people with latent TB infection (LTBI),1 which can become active if a person’s immune system becomes compromised. According to the World Health Organization End TB Strategy eliminating TB will require “a focus on early detection, treatment and prevention for all TB patients including children”.6  

Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Clinical data

Peer reviewed publications continue to add to the body of evidence supporting the clinical utility of the T-SPOT.TB  test across patient populations.

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